Here are some comments from just a few of the many satisfied clients and other professionals served by attorney Sarah L. Golombek.

Sarah Leah Golombek provided invaluable legal services to the Denver Probate Court during her tenure as law clerk there in 2005-2006. Her work ethic, efficiency, intellect and wealth of knowledge about probate, elder law and settlement of personal injury cases served the court and the public in countless ways. With her sharp legal mind, integrity, interpersonal skills, and experience, it is not surprising that Ms. Golombek has emerged as one of Colorado’s premier probate and elder lawyers.
- C. Jean Stewart,
former Presiding Judge, Denver Probate Court
Sarah was extremely compassionate and caring during the very sudden loss of my husband. She devoted much of her time to helping my children and I receive much needed government benefits, a system that I would have never been able to navigate on my own. I am incredibly thankful for everything she has done for me and my family.
- Olga P., client
I’ve been privileged to know Sarah Golombek for many years in a professional capacity both during our time together at the Denver Probate Court and as a private elder law attorney. Ms. Golombek is an excellent attorney whose passion is to help those in need. Her compassion for her clients and willingness to go to any length to help them is evident in her work. On a personal level, Ms. Golombek is an avid volunteer who has devoted her time to litigants in the Denver Probate Court who cannot afford legal representation as well as in the broader community.
-Sarah Solano,
Director, Guardianship Alliance of Colorado, former Division Clerk to the Honorable C. Jean Stewart, Denver Probate Court
After a catastrophic accident which left me in a coma, I was fortunate to work with Sarah Golombek who helped me get my affairs in order. Ms. Sarah prepared a special needs trust for me so that I could protect my assets and maintain my eligibility for Medicaid, championed for my trust to be approved by the state Medicaid department, helped me find a reputable trustee who could manage my assets for my benefit, and prepared my estate planning documents so that I could ensure that there is someone to take care of me given my significant medical issues. Throughout the process, Sarah guided me and was always there to answer any questions. I would like to thank Sarah Golombek for her dedication and for assisting me with such care and personal attention.
- Colby A., client, Vietnam Veteran
In my capacity as a court appointed guardian, case manager and medical power of attorney, I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Sarah on numerous occasions. I have found her to be very thorough and compassionate in her work with clients and families and skillful in negotiating the myriad of complexities found within the field of Elder Law. I would recommend Sarah Golombek without hesitation.
- Debera Powers, LCSW, NCG, CSW-G
professional guardian and care manager, president Care Management Advocates, LLC
Sarah Golombek has been a great help to our family. She helped us through the complicated and stressful estate planning process and made it all easy with her professionalism, care and great service and provided us with well-drafted documents which carry out our wishes with respect to the guardianship of our children, the distribution of our assets, and our desires with respect to end-of-life decisions.
- Dr. and Mrs. S., clients
I have worked with Sarah over the past six years. She has always been knowledgeable, hardworking, and focused on the best interests of our clients. I wish her well in her own practice and look forward to continuing to work with her.
- Mark E. Kiken, Ph.D,
Executive Vice President, Business Development, Golden Fiduciary Services
I turned to Sarah Golombek for assistance with organizing my legal affairs and specifically because of her experience with special needs planning. Not only did she assist me in setting up my estate plan so that I can be assured that my legacy is carried on, but she also helped me set up a special needs trust for my adult son who is now impaired after suffering a debilitating stroke. In addition, Ms. Golombek advised me about the various public benefit options available to my son and my legal remedies to assist him. I am forever grateful.
-Lynda M., client -