Project Description

When a personal injury matter involves a settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who is a minor or an incapacitated adult, it is common for an elder law attorney to be consulted regarding the inherent protective issues involved. Golombek Law, LLC has been consulted by and worked with numerous personal injury counsel and parents of minors expected to receive a settlement due to an accident or injury. Golombek Law, LLC provides the following services to personal injury counsel:

  • Petitioning and obtaining probate court approval of settlements for minors and incapacitated adults;
  • Assisting personal injury counsel in obtaining probate court approval of a proposed settlement as well as their contingent fees;
  • Petitioning the probate court for the appointment of a guardian or conservator for the subject of a personal injury lawsuit;
  • Preparation of appropriate estate planning documents in order to protect the plaintiff’s settlement funds; and
  • Assistance with a Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) and/or a Special/Supplemental/Disability Trust.

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